8/28/2013: espn3 has changed again. If a game is available on an ESPN network, it won't appear on espn3 at all. That explains why the espn3 blackout maps are no longer available. The information below about east coast blackouts on weeknight and early weekend games no longer applies.

From August of 2012:
espn3.com will no longer be available for games that are shown on ESPN and ESPN2 is the short story for the purpose of a twitter headline, but the long story is more complicated.

espn3.com has radically changed their blackout scheme for games that are being simulcast on one of their regular ESPN channels.

The blackout scheme does *not apply* for games that are exclusive to espn3 or that are scheduled to appear on non-ESPN networks. So most games on ESPN GamePlan have the same regional blackouts they always had.

If a game is scheduled for an ESPN network, can you watch it on espn3? Maybe, but the chances decrease the further east that you live, and no longer exist the later in the day that the game is played.

Start with the espn3 schedule for football:

Navigate to the day you are interested in and click on the blackout map if one is shown. For weekend games you can only watch afternoon games in Alaska or Hawaii, for night games espn3 is simply not available. For morning games it appears to be geographically blacked out on the East coast.

If you click on a blackout map, then click on "more information about blackouts", the following information is displayed:
Q: Why canít I get certain events that I used to have access to on ESPN3?

A: That content is now available on WatchESPN. ESPN3 is a network focused on exclusive programming.
Q: What will I be able to watch on ESPN3 now?

A: Exclusive programming on ESPN3 includes college football, college basketball, NCAA Championships, tennis, golf, soccer, cricket and more. Limited events from ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU still exist on ESPN3 during some windows.
Q: When can I still watch ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU live events on ESPN3?

A: ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU live events will still be available on ESPN3 weekdays from 12:01am-5:59pm and weekends from 12:01am-11:59am. All times local.

For my TV schedule:
1) I will remove all espn3 entries for games that kick off after Noon on Saturdays
2) Change the espn3.com link to the actual blackout map for the games still available

Again, this only applies to games that are being simulcast on an ESPN network.

All of this is of course subject to revision, but my interpretation seems locked in based upon the information available.